The Trump Lie List-The Notes from the Underground Excerpt

Mary Lee Johnson
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Notes from the Underground…

*” Notes from the Underground” is my upcoming book about the politics that has swirled around us for the past six years!

About the Trump Lie List

Since 2016, with the advent of the newsletter and the weekly bulletins that were e-mailed to our group, we have been struggling to somehow encapsulate the magnitude of the lies and the criminality that was part of the Trump Administration. It goes, as they say, from the top down.

And it was not just Trump. It included a range of his Cabinet members who were forced to resign. I recall how much he bragged about Carl Icahn during his initial run in 2016. And Icahn was forced to resign from his advisory position within one WEEK due to accusations of Insider Trading!

The corruption was rampant. The Mueller Report included a long list of more than ten counts of Obstruction of Justice. And there was a specific scene where Paul Manafort handed campaign polling data-in his position as Campaign Manager-to the Russians! Without having a law degree, anyone could see this as “Collusion.” Manafort went to jail for his crimes.

Michael Cohen went to jail. Steve Bannon was convicted and pardoned. Roger Stone was convicted and pardoned. The right-wing media machine keeps churning out misinformation and disinformation. When it is disinformation, it becomes a lie. There are so many different instances where the line is blurred and sadly, the truth is suddenly obscured. That is the point.

But there has been a range of lies that were repeated over and over again. And so it continues now in the new congress which I have dubbed “The House that Trump Built.” It is a group built on a pack of lies that may at any moment begin to tumble down. Beginning with the point person poster child for the Trump era-George Santos.

Some of the Top Ten Hits list of these continuing “Lie lists,” where the line is blurred and the lie becomes the truth are combined here….


1. Trump tweets in support of White Nationalist conspiracy for South Africa land seizures; in face of fact that violence against white farmers in South Africa is at a 20 year LOW

2. Trump tweets against the practice of ‘flipping’ which is how most law enforcement cases manage to ensnare major crime operations and criminals; so Trump basically comes out for the bad guys against the good guys in the US!

3. The Central Park Five who were exonerated: Trump said after that still they were: “Muggers and Murderers” who ‘should be forced to suffer’-all five were young black men/men of color, of course.

4. As always….Make America Great Again is the last thing Trump is doing. He is not even making America prosperous, as the 1% that received tax cuts are also helping to perpetrate the lie that the tax cuts for the rich will trickle down. In the next generation, there will be no money left to spend on infrastructure, education, science and tech innovations or the social safety net…ie; Trump is bankrupting our future and making America a 2nd rate nation in the long run…..MAGA is a LIE

5. Trump tweets that his followers shouldn’t believe ‘anonymous sources’; especially ones like JOHN BARRON; the fictitious name he used when calling up reporters to brag about himself- pretending to be someone else!- just to get his name in print…

6. Trump tweets again about the dishonest media and “Fake Books”- perhaps in light of new Woodward book coming out with behind the scenes dirt on Trump

7. The LIE that Trump is actually governing this country; the report came out early on in his term that he told people to treat each day- each news cycle as if it is a contest that he is supposed to emerge from victorious on a daily

8. Trump claiming he was ‘clearing rubble’ and helping to find survivors after 9/11….I don’t think even his SUPPORTERS are gullible enough for that one!

9. Trump just says Woodward is lying; which is rich, as he is averaging about 8 lies a day since he’s been in office.

10. Trump has maintained he is innocent and the Mueller probe is a ‘witch hunt’ which came crashing down today as Manafort pleaded guilty and has flipped on Trump

11. Trump tweeted that he ‘doesn’t have an Attorney General”; which is his way of saying he doesn’t have a Mob Boss Consigliere to ‘fix’ his legal jeopardy for him!

12. Trump says there was never collusion except by Hillary Clinton and 17 “Angry Democrats”(He’s added one to the list) The Lie list is like a broken record at this point.

13. The Lies and Sarcastic tweets (Good Job Jeff); also try to distract. We’re not even sure he’s sure of the truth at this point….Still he’s on about HILLARY and how she wasn’t prosecuted or investigated enough….? If the truth came out before the election from Comey-led FBI about TRUMP campaign investigation, he would have been hurt, no question.

14. Trump routinely opens all conferences and events with some huge lie about how his administration is the greatest in the history of the world; which was laughed out of the United Nations, and should not be allowed on air as one of his alternative facts by the broadcast networks without a caption beneath that says: “THIS IS A LIE”….

15. Trump claim about how they are working on a “middle class’ tax cut that will cut taxes by 10%…. within the next week….while Congress is NOT IN SESSION…so the ignorance and self dealing is so thick, he has to enlist the other GOP members to help him spread these whoppers

16. Pre existing condition lie Trump tweets out repeatedly…That THEY will protect it and Dems won’t. The big fat con is on from the CON in Chief. His blatant lie gives others in the GOP permission to LIE, so they are going to Lie, Lie Lie….until Nov 7th.

17. Trump’s pathological lying pattern tracked by Maddow; Rachel Maddow lists that from March 2016 talked about 40,000 jobs, then in October it was 450,000 and a day later 500,000 jobs…Then this year it was $110 billion dollar contract, a few hours later it was 600,000 jobs and a few hours after that-over a MILLION jobs

18. Trump & Co GOP Lie that the tax cuts ‘were revenue neutral’ and ‘would pay for itself’….LIE that they knowingly told to foist an unsustainable DEBT on the American people and are now threatening to cut entitlements as a first resort, their “Starve The Beast” theory they have been able to play out to its logical conclusion…

19. The Pre-existing conditions LIE…Good Cop Bad Cop with TRUMP playing the GOOD cop as being the one who will protect your pre-existing condition coverage; while his Admin and states work to overturn ALL of ACA’s protections for coverage….

20. Trump Lie: “Democrats will destroy your Medicare and I will keep it ‘healthy and well

21. The claim that Trump is honest despite his lies because he did what he promised to do is itself another LIE. Trump promised better healthcare, more roads, less illegal immigration, higher taxes on super wealthy, plan to reduce opioid deaths…He’s done the OPPOSITE in every case……The LIES have gotten bigger and more brazen….

22. 10. As always, with Trump, MAGA is the biggest LIE he spreads, and we need to become MUCH much better at marketing to counter his one net positive skill…his Marketing ability and his name ID value as he feeds the crowds what they want to hear…..about how great he is making America by bigoted, racist and short sighted policies that will run the country into the ground and make America the polar OPPOSITE of Great… will destroy our country from within…

23. . As always, the MAGA lie that we are having to live with as Trump tours his own personal Red State Kingdom, where he rules unopposed; and we listen to his LIE TOUR where he’s a traveling stand-up comic of old, just playing to his base and trotting out all the golden oldies, from Lock her up! Build that wall!

24. Lie about how all of the information- 100,000 DOCUMENTS were unearthed from Fred Trump’s Business empire, spells out how the Trump’s have lied and cheated on their taxes for half a century…with all the Trump’s, Trump’s sister, a sitting Judge, included…Trump WH just puts out that all of this information has already been out there…WRONG! We did know that there was fraud, but as someone said the other day, “This is like the PENTAGON PAPERS…I don’t think people know the magnitude of this fraud”



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